Parkour & Freerunning

BOK Brand comes from within the community of Parkour and Freerunning. Inspired by “The Way,” a parkour team from Sacramento, CA, we aim for quality and accuracy in everything we do.

Parkour is on the rise as a sport and outside sources are trying to capitalize on the growing popularity. It is up to those of us who have been a part of the community (traveling, training, socializing, and most importantly, contributing to our sport) to control the growth of the sport, so that it develops in the correct way.

BOK Brand aims to help legitimize the culture of parkour and freerunning by representing its style in clothing and media. We hope to contribute towards events, competitions, careers and more.


The Clothing we produce is intended to reflect the style of the Parkour community. This is hard because the community is so diverse in their style, so we aren’t aiming to appeal to everyone, but one day we hope to.

Our goal is to create clothes that make you train your best. Every athlete has that outfit that makes them feel more confident and through that confidence they train harder and better. BOK Brand wants to be that outfit for you. We will become your favorite Freerunning Clothes to train in.



BOK Brand is located in Sacramento, CA, USA. Our currently Sponsored Athletes are Jeff Garrido (Folsom, CA), Jorrin Montoya (Eldorado Hills, CA), and Evan Leslie (Redding, CA).  Find us on Social media and say whats up:

Instagram: @bokbrand