BOK sponsors those that share the mindset of the brand. We want talented passionate people representing our brand in a positive and impressive way. Our sponsors are very involved in helping to build the brand and image so they are selected with care.

It’s about the mindset more than the skill.

Some people are naturally talented and some people work every day at what they do. To us it doesn’t matter which one you are. It is all about the mindset of realizing goals and progression toward them.

What do we sponsor?

We sponsor Athletes, Musicians, Artists, etc. Anyone with a passion that involves the mindset mentioned above.

What does being sponsored by BOK mean?

Being sponsored by BOK means we owe you one. You are helping us grow our brand. You are knowledgeable and involved in your craft so we listen to you. We want your help designing awesome clothes that people actually want to wear. We want to make clothes that make you feel better doing what you love. That and other perks are all included and discussed when you become sponsored by BOK.

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